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Need a VIP car rental with a driver on Mahé? Apply to VIP Transfer Seychelles!



Our company has been working in the Seychelles VIP transfers market for many years. This is not the most outstanding achievement: many car rental companies in Seychelles are even older. However, there is something that we differ from other transfer services specialization. Our company deals exclusively with renting of Luxury Cars.

What "specialization" gives to our customers?

Professionalism of drivers. In a universal car-transfer company, drivers are forced to drive on a wide variety of cars with very different "character". Fortunately, it is extremely rare, but still there are cases when a rental car gets into an accident only because the driver has not had time to get used to the new model. In our case, this is excluded - when ordering a VIP transfer rental with a driver, you get a driver who has worked long time only with this car.

The competence of the technical service is extremely important and extremely rare for the Seychelles rental market. Working only with Luxury BMW, Lexus, Toyota cars, we have gained a huge experience in their operation and maintenance. Our vehicles are always clean and in perfect technical condition, they will not let you down. Rent a luxury car with a VIP Transfer Seychelles is a guarantee of a problem-free trip.


By booking the car rental directly with VIP Transfer Seychelles you are getting the service from first hand, without commission agents and companies. Therefore we can offer affordable prices with consistently high quality of service.

24 hours 7 days a week

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+248 2 502 999

The operator will call back immediately andreport the cost of travel

What else can we offer our customers?

Important advantages of VIP Transfer Seychelles, which are not related to specialization, but have to do with how comfortable your trips will be:

Extremely strict personnel policy. Our drivers have a long driving experience in Seychelles, they perfectly know the island; They are always careful, polite and attentive. Do you think that this is the only possible option and such drivers work everywhere? Alas, in practice, Luxury car rental in Seychelles involved companies with very different services.
Perfect cleanliness in the cabin and in the trunk. Oily jacket and old sandwiches on the back sofa - the story is not about VIP Transfer Seychelles. Renting a car with a driver is a certain level of service, and we understand the importance of small things. In the car will be clean!
Punctuality.                                            If you ordered a car for Seychelles International Airport to 13.25, the car will be Seychelles International Airport at 13.25. Traffic jams? Repair of the road? These are our problems. Affordable prices. Rent a car business class BMW, Lexus, Toyota with a driver in Seychelles from 80 USD per trip - it's quite real.

Many payment options to choose from

Cash, non-cash, electronic cards - no problem. Individual approach to each client. Just call us and explain to the manager what you need. We will manage!

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