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The 2015 BMW X6 is a midsize crossover styled to resemble a coupe, although it has four doors and seating for five as standard. Unlike BMW's X5, it does not have an optional third-row seat. There are three primary models: the rear-wheel-drive sDrive 35i and the all-wheel-drive xDrive35i and xDrive50i and The high-performance X6M
Driving: BMW's insistence on performance suspension tuning and high-end hardware help the 2015 BMW X6 bridge the gap between a taut sport sedan and a large, high-riding crossover. The X6 has a smooth ride over bumpy surfaces but it can also be switched to Sport mode for a stiffer, more taut driving experience. Handling and steering are acute (especially for such a large vehicle) but there is minimal feedback through the steering wheel. The X6 can be driven quickly, but it isn't a very rewarding experience. One of the clearest realizations of the X6's size occurs on challenging back roads, where you discover that the X6 is neither small nor light.
Interior: The X6's interior has always been a strong suit, and the redesigned cabin for 2015 is even nicer than before. With a Jumbotron-sized 10.2-inch screen positioned at the top of the center dash, an all-new electronic gauge cluster and rich-looking upholstery and trim throughout, BMW hasn't cut any corners when in here. The slick and attractive iDrive interface works well for controlling and adjusting all of the X6's systems, though in our experience it typically takes a few more clicks and twists of the control knob to get what you want; some rival systems are easier to use.
Front-seat passengers will welcome both the X6's exclusive padded knee bracing along the center console (a feature the X5 doesn't have) and the deep door pockets for oversize drink bottles and other supplies. Perhaps more important is the extra legroom and headroom in the backseat, which now seats three across in the standard configuration. Getting in and out of the backseat can be a bit of an event, too. The sloping rear roof forces most adults to duck down pretty low to climb in, while also maneuvering around the arch for the rear wheelwell. Once inside, the extra legroom on this year's model is noticeable, but headroom will still be an issue for taller passengers. And in an SUV that nears six figures with options, we'd like to have rear seats that can recline, too.
When you renting a BMW X6 with a driver in Seychelles, you use a car and pay for it, as long as you need it. You do not care at all where it is stored, how it is serviced, and where the driver drives without your knowledge. If you want to change the car, you just need to order another one. And of course, you can profitably invest big amount of money, which will save on buying that kind of car. Call VIP Transfers Seychelles to book this car +248 250 2 999


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Impeccable technical condition

Servicing a Luxury class car is expensive. Therefore, some rental companies do not spend money on servicing cars and simply produce their resources - good, they have such impressive cars. The problem is that this resource can end very unexpectedly - for example, on the way to the Wedding registry office.

Turning to the “VIP transfer Seychelles ", you get a fully serviceable car. We strictly monitor the technical condition of each car and always service them in strict accordance with the manufacturer's regulations. Yes, it's expensive, but you know that renting a car of a representative class will not end with its repair on the roadside.


Some people think that these are trifles. We strongly disagree. Trivialities are dust in the cab of a rented excavator, but if it is a matter of renting representative cars, cleanliness is extremely important. That's why our customers always get a perfectly clean car.

Professional drivers

To the driver of the car of a representative class special requirements are made. To be able to drive a car is not enough: the driver should be neat, tidy, polite and punctual. Our drivers are exactly that.

Affordable prices

Rent a car of a Luxury class with a driver from 80 USD per trip - you will agree, it is inexpensive. Especially if you take into account that the car itself (even without a driver) costs several million Seychelles Rupees.

Multiple payment options

Someone does not trust plastic cards, someone does not carry with them the presence, someone can pay only by direct transfer to a settlement account. For VIP transfer Seychelles, this is not a problem: you can pay for our services in the way that is convenient for you.

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