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Kia Grand Carnival 2016 (11-seater)

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After nine years of careful design and development, the all-new Kia Grand Carnival, also known as ‘Sedona’ in some markets was first presented at the 2015 Seoul Motor Show, is like stepping onto a luxurious yacht. Although this deluxe high-class minivan offers a glimpse into just how far the minivan can go in its transformation into luxury!

It is equipped with the latest technology and is a unique combination of sedan and minivan, which provides a delightful driving experience. The harmony of comfort and practicality in Grand Carnival brings unexpected surprises and many additional benefits, creating a new perception of what a premium minivan can be.

Luxury at first sight

The new Grand Carnival is designed to be as comfy and comfortable as a sedan, and practical as a minivan. Its characteristics and comfortable control is comparable to a premium sedan. Grand Carnival is full of pleasant surprises, which change the generally accepted opinion about trips. Life in the city and trips outside it are all possible with the new Grand Carnival.

This is quite an expensive car, and few people can afford it. However, this is not necessary - you can always rent it. Since a business-class car is only needed occasionally, the rental of the KIA Grand Carnival with the driver looks much more rational solution than its purchase.

Our offer

VIP Transfers Seychelles has been providing VIP car rental and VIP Taxi services in Seychelles for many years. We offer many different models. Among them there is a new 11-seat KIA Grand Carnival. If you need this car, you can always order it by calling us. A car with a driver for hire will be provided as soon as possible.

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Impeccable technical condition

Servicing a Luxury class car is expensive. Therefore, some rental companies do not spend money on servicing cars and simply produce their resources - good, they have such impressive cars. The problem is that this resource can end very unexpectedly - for example, on the way to the Wedding registry office.

Turning to the “VIP transfer Seychelles ", you get a fully serviceable car. We strictly monitor the technical condition of each car and always service them in strict accordance with the manufacturer's regulations. Yes, it's expensive, but you know that renting a car of a representative class will not end with its repair on the roadside.


Some people think that these are trifles. We strongly disagree. Trivialities are dust in the cab of a rented excavator, but if it is a matter of renting representative cars, cleanliness is extremely important. That's why our customers always get a perfectly clean car.

Professional drivers

To the driver of the car of a representative class special requirements are made. To be able to drive a car is not enough: the driver should be neat, tidy, polite and punctual. Our drivers are exactly that.

Affordable prices

Rent a car of a Luxury class with a driver from 80 USD per trip - you will agree, it is inexpensive. Especially if you take into account that the car itself (even without a driver) costs several million Seychelles Rupees.

Multiple payment options

Someone does not trust plastic cards, someone does not carry with them the presence, someone can pay only by direct transfer to a settlement account. For VIP transfer Seychelles, this is not a problem: you can pay for our services in the way that is convenient for you.

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