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Toyota Harrier 2015 Black

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The Toyota Harrier also known as the Lexus RX seamlessly blends luxury and function. 2015 Toyota Harrier is falling into mid class category of crossover SUV s, it was originally sold mainly in Japan from as far as ‘97. The model was usually sold under the Lexus flagship as an RX model with exclusive features, 2013 witnessed Harrier fusing to a new generation of different styles and features from the RX. The model is now under the 3rd generation with improved engine function and fuel efficiency, the latest model 2015 Harrier comes with a power-train engine just like its immediate predecessor. It’s a hybrid system now with hyped invigorations per excellence if its debut at the Tokyo Motor Show is anything to go by.

It is available with optional all-wheel drive, giving it excellent performance in foul weather. It is finished in the finest of materials and has a wide array of convenience features. Being a Toyota, it is also extremely reliable and has low maintenance costs. Harrier is the ultimate high-end SUV.

Toyota Harrier Exterior

The Toyota Harrier 2015 looks very stylish and high end from both the front and the back. To enhance the side profile of the car, its front and tail shades were enlarged. 2015 Toyota Harrier has got a smoother front end as the front guard has been reshaped to fit the forwardly inclined quarter columns. And the recent facelift includes the same forward inclined pattern of LED lights and combo lights to fit other parts of the car that way.


Toyota Harrier's interior is a great example of a luxurious interior for its technologically advanced features and high-quality material. For the ergonomics, it has a business class like excellent leg room front and back along with a huge boot space. It is equipped with high-quality leather seats and its plastic interior material is made of 'good plastic' that completely blends with the classy interior. Its dashboard has a unique layout that is created to follow the steering wheel along with touch-sensitive electrostatic buttons on the arch-roofed control board. For the convenience of the passengers, it has back air conditioning vent and for entertainment, an amazing stereo system with five speakers come as standard features.

Choosing the VIP Transfers Seychelles you can order a Toyota Harrier with a driver for only $110 per trip to any destination on Mahe island, Seychelles. In doing so, you can be sure that:

The technical and cosmetic condition of the car will be impeccable;
The professional level of the driver will correspond to a high class of cars;
You will receive the car at a strictly stipulated time.
Agree, this is much more profitable than buying your own representative car for fairly rare trips.
For more information on renting with a driver Toyota Harrier on Mahe island with VIP Transfers Seychelles, please call +248 250 2999


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Impeccable technical condition

Servicing a Luxury class car is expensive. Therefore, some rental companies do not spend money on servicing cars and simply produce their resources - good, they have such impressive cars. The problem is that this resource can end very unexpectedly - for example, on the way to the Wedding registry office.

Turning to the “VIP transfer Seychelles ", you get a fully serviceable car. We strictly monitor the technical condition of each car and always service them in strict accordance with the manufacturer's regulations. Yes, it's expensive, but you know that renting a car of a representative class will not end with its repair on the roadside.


Some people think that these are trifles. We strongly disagree. Trivialities are dust in the cab of a rented excavator, but if it is a matter of renting representative cars, cleanliness is extremely important. That's why our customers always get a perfectly clean car.

Professional drivers

To the driver of the car of a representative class special requirements are made. To be able to drive a car is not enough: the driver should be neat, tidy, polite and punctual. Our drivers are exactly that.

Affordable prices

Rent a car of a Luxury class with a driver from 80 USD per trip - you will agree, it is inexpensive. Especially if you take into account that the car itself (even without a driver) costs several million Seychelles Rupees.

Multiple payment options

Someone does not trust plastic cards, someone does not carry with them the presence, someone can pay only by direct transfer to a settlement account. For VIP transfer Seychelles, this is not a problem: you can pay for our services in the way that is convenient for you.

For more information on renting a luxury car with a driver, call +248 2 502 999